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Two projects at once

How many projects do you have going at one time?  Only one, two, more than two?  I’ve usually got multiple projects going, but try to keep my customer orders to only two projects at a time.  One I’m working on piecing, and another on the frame.  Today I thought I’d share a typical day in the studio.

Normally, I’ll walk into the studio first thing and look at what’s on the frame and decide if I’m ready to quilt that day or not.  I do my best quilting in the afternoon and evenings, so usually it’s “not”.  This morning I looked at what I had done last night and decided I needed to be MUCH more awake than I was to continue with this quilt.  Not that I needed to be much more awake to do this feathering, it was already completed:

But I definitely needed to be more wide awake and bright eyed (as well as to have proper side-lighting to continue these feathers which will show up much better after the microfill around them is done:

And with bright sunshine streaming in, there was no way I was going to get side-lighting today.

So I moved on to another customer order for a commission quilt.

When that customer and I first met, we came up with a basic draft of what the placement would be of the components of her quilt.  We knew we would do a realistic central image, not the one you see on the plan; but we needed to get the layout for the borders surrounding that image.  This is what we came up with:

Of course we knew that she would be sending me photographs to work from and that center was just a placement.  This morning I started on piecing the actual center based on her photographs, such as this one:

By the end of the “normal” workday I am this far along on the central image panel (which I always make oversized and trim to proper size when it’s completed):

No, there will not be that much sky above the school when I’m done!

And a bit of detail:

And my work area today, it’s actually not too bad for messy (not like some projects):

But I guess I do need to clean that floor up a bit.  Right after I have supper and take care of the dogs.  Then I’ll come back for the night and be able to get the side-lighting necessary to work on the quilt on the frame.  After the sun goes far enough to the west to not be shining directly in the windows!

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