Spring Equinox yard cleanup day

Today is the Spring Equinox!!!!!!  From here on out, for the next 6 months the days get longer and longer, the sun returns farther and farther north and hopefully warmer temperatures will come with it.  If today is any indication, it might just happen.

I always try to spend some time on the Spring Equinox (weather permitting) outside in the yard working on something.  Today I decided it was time to try to do some cleanup.  And for my efforts, as I’m sitting here on the back deck blogging, the birds are returning, feeding and chirping within 6 feet of me!

Yard work today consisted of pruning back overgrown shrubs:

Discovering desired sprouts (my mint in it’s box):

Finding a few non-desired sprouts (how does this stuff grow!!!!!!)

And doing battle with the lawnmower against the weeds:

Yes, that is the push mower.  Yes, we have a little over an acre.  No, I didn’t mow it all, just what was absolutely necessary inside the fence line where the dogs and I spend our time.  YES I will be glad when DH gets a new motor for the rider to replace the one he killed last weekend.  No, it wasn’t his fault, it was old and a rod or something broke and cracked the engine block on both sides.

Hope you get to spend at least a few minutes today outside on this Spring Equinox!!!!!!  Enjoy whatever nature has given you today.  I’m off now to wait for a visit from my youngest grandson….. he should be here soon!!!!!!!!

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