Landscape Series and Thread Painting Classes

I’ll be teaching a series of Landscape classes at the local quilt shop starting this summer.

Last fall and this winter, I taught “Overlook” in several classes.

Overlook was based originally on a photo I had taken on the Blue Ridge Parkway to which I added a lake into the scene. This class had a lot of thread work, and a lot of design principles in it, all based on free-form drawing what you perceive to be in the original photo.

The next class will be a 4 season series. Summer, Fall, Winter and Spring. We’ll start with a summer scene taken out of my sketchbook and explore basic fusible applique, color depth and thread work.

Students will be working with a pattern for this class, which I will supply at the beginning of class. In the following classes we’ll be further exploring depth, perspective, applique, and other techniques. Each seasonal piece can be completed on it’s own, or for those who take all 4 classes, I’ll supply a layout for putting all 4 scenes into one quilt!

Another class I will be teaching is a class on thread painting.  Thread painting (sometimes called free motion embroidery) is a very fun technique that allows you to fully play with color placement and also helps get the feel of moving the fabric under the needle in free-motion. In this class we do not use variegated thread, we use solid color embroidery threads and choose where we want out highlights and shadows.  For the class I worked from a photograph I had taken 2 summers ago of a lily in my garden and a copy of the hand-drawn pattern for that lily will be supplied to the students.

More classes will follow in upcoming posts.  If you’re looking for date and time details, go to the Quilters Loft Company blog and look through the class schedule.  Who knows what you might find there!

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