So much trouble for such a little thing!

Troubles today with my machine.  Over a half hour of trouble!!!  Tore it apart, cleaned, tried to stitch, it jammed.  Cleaned again, it jammed.  Tried again, it jammed.  Got frustrated, cleaned again with the air jammed.  Finally after over a half  hour I found the culprit!!!!! Yes, that TINY FLECK OF LINT was the … Continue reading So much trouble for such a little thing!

Design Wall Monday, March 29, 2010

Not much progress has been made this week on my personal quilt on my design wall.  Two more blocks were made, but I'm starting to see the turning/twisting effect this layer is supposed to have: In uncovering my personal design wall, I lost my design area for customer quilts.  To remedy that, out came the … Continue reading Design Wall Monday, March 29, 2010


While working this afternoon, I realized just how often I find myself multi-tasking.  Thankfully the invention of computerized equipment facilitates that in this day and age.  And that's a very good thing for a person with an over-active mind, it keeps me mentally occupied. When I walked into the studio this morning, I saw this … Continue reading Multi-tasking

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