Custom quilting day three

Yesterday I posted my day one and two progress on the quilt.  Today I didn’t get into the studio until late afternoon but made some excellent progress once I did get there and will probably work late tonight.

During our intake appointment, M chose to have the blocks and sashings quilted with white thread, and she chose the block pattern she liked for her quilt.

An excellent choice, just soft enough and contemporary enough to suit the quilt.  Yet keeping the thread white gives it a more traditional look.  But we weren’t quite sure what to do with the sashings.  Leaves?  Vining leaves?  Flowers?  She left it up to me to choose at the time I was quilting.

Looking at the quilt today, I decided to use a leafy vine pattern, but would it work?

Hmmm, I’m not sure.  Now I have to make a decision.  Do I continue with a pattern I’m not totally sure of, knowing if it doesn’t work I’ll have to take it out?  Or do I take it out now and choose another pattern.  Today I liked this pattern so I decided to continue and just see if it was going to work.

OH YES!!!!  It most definitely works!

(notice my little tension testing play on the outside of the quilt?).

By tomorrow late afternoon I should have all these blocks and sashings completed.  Then it will be on to the green corner 5 patches and the pieced block borders.  The green patches are pre-planned, the pieced block borders will be another choice to make as I get that far.

4 thoughts on “Custom quilting day three

    1. Thanks Michelle! Those strips are really eluding me right now. But I’ve got to the end of these blocks sashings for them to start talking….. and they better start talking! ;>)

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