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This week I’ve stayed as busy as is humanly possible while taking evenings off to watch the Olympics.  Every evening off at exactly 8p.m. my time to watch tv.  An unheard of amount of weekly television time for me, except during the Olympics.  But I still managed to get a few things done including these:

A custom baby quilt:

With the cutest border:

And older quilt top for a new customer.

We chose to put a pantograph on this and used Overall Loose Feather as the pattern:

I also spent a lot of time this week prepping for classes.  Tomorrow I am teaching a Kaleidoscope class at the local quilt shop, and next week I will be teaching beginning machine quilting (domestic) as well.

But I mentioned I spent a lot of time watching tv.  Those who know me well, know I don’t “sit” well.  I’m too hyper/high-strung/energetic/antsy (take your choice of terms depending on the day) to “sit” and watch tv.  I have to keep my hands busy doing something, so this week I decided to knit tall socks.  Socks that will keep my legs warm in the winter.  One sock is almost finished now, another inch of ribbing at the top and I can call it done.

One of the things I love about knitting my own socks is that I can shape them to fit ME!  On this pair I used 3 different sizes of needles.  I don’t like tight toes (I prefer sandals but that’s not a good choice in winter), so the toes are knit with size 1.  But I like my socks to fit a bit snugly on the foot, so the foot and heel are done with size 0.  After the heel is completed, I went back to a size 1 for the base of the leg; but having solid calves I switched to a size 2 at the top for a little more give, then came back to a size 1 for the ribbing.  Now I know I could have added stitches to accomplish this, but honestly, it wasn’t worth it to me to do the math!    And besides, if I hadn’t told you all this and you saw me wearing these socks under my jeans, because after all if it’s cold enough for tall socks I’m going to be wearing jeans and not shorts, would you have even noticed the difference?

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  1. it’s felt pretty weird to sit and do so much knitting this week. i’m up to the second fair isle section of my sock, i think i’m going to switch to a larger needle to make sure it isn’t too tight.

    that is one TALL sock. LOL. good idea to keep switching needle sizes to make it work for you.

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