New pricing!

If you’re looking for overall/pantograph quilting, and have been put off by the pricing, give us a call or e-mail.  We’ve revamped our pricing structure to keep your hobby affordable for you in the current economic conditions!!!!

Just letting folks know who don’t regularly get to the website to see the changes.

On the home front, I’ve been doing some knitting while watching the olympics in the evenings.  I’m working on a pair of socks, from the toe up, and may have enough yarn to make these tall socks!!!!  Warm, comfy, tall socks!!!!!   Unless of course I get bored.  And getting bored is extremely possible.  I’m one of those knitters who is bored stiff with stockinette or garter stitch, I need a good pattern to keep me going.  Unfortunately, for this first pair, I am doing  plain stockinette stitch knitting….yes, I’ve started up the leg from the heel and I’m bored already…… and I’m still on the first one!  Yikes!

Off now to pour a cup of coffee and see how much quilting I can get done before the Olympic coverage starts again tonight!

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