Here we go again…..

Here we go again!   We had just about gotten rid of the 7″ snowfall, almost.  There were only a few patches left in the coldest, most shaded parts of the yard.  On my plans for this weekend were to walk the gardens and see what was going to need done this spring when gardening season started.  And then last night it started over, again.   Not nearly as much this time around, but seriously, I live outside of CHARLOTTE, NC….. we aren’t supposed to get this here!

This morning my view from the front porch was this:

The cars are under snow again, which means the brakes on my car won’t get fixed today:

I’m not so sure this is good for my Butterfly Bush:

I think I’ll just stay here and work on some quilting and knitting since I still don’t have winter boots that aren’t suede.

Yes, that is a stack of bindings to be hand stitched on my own personal quilts.  I’ve got some knitting to do, some quilting to do, and I think I’ll just spend the day inside.   But if this keeps up, I’m going to have to invest in winter boots before next year!  (or lots of yarn to keep me busy knitting inside)