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Seen around town

Yesterday morning I had a meeting in town, followed by limited errands, and a cautious drive home with brake troubles.  I took my camera with me, as I always do.  I’m always on the lookout for “stuff” to take pictures of.  Landscapes, elements of landscapes, trees, birds, nature.   I’m not so much into buildings as I am looking for inspiration in nature.

Here are a few of the things I found yesterday as I left my meeting:

Hopefully I’ll be back to posting quilting pictures soon, but for now, it’s “paperwork season”….. what is paperwork season?  Why, year-end of course, that dreaded time when winter is at it’s coldest and paperwork surrounds a person demanding attention.  But soon, so very soon, I’ll be back to full-time quilting and creating.   I promise!

Of course, I could post pictures of my birdhouse in progress, but as I’ve mentioned to a few people, I’m it’s having “structural” issues and I need to shore up the walls a bit.   And of course I need to felt a few wool eggs (surgical gloves in place to protect the hands) which is a new technique to me.  But a technique I look forward to learning.

And all these thoughts of birdhouses and nests, combined with the colder than usual January temps and above average snowfalls here, have spurred thoughts of a new quilt.  Drawings done, colors planned, one step at a time; until the dreaded paperwork is completely finished and then it’s full steam ahead to quilting and creating.  I promise!

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