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Yesterday morning I had a meeting in town, followed by limited errands, and a cautious drive home with brake troubles.  I took my camera with me, as I always do.  I’m always on the lookout for “stuff” to take pictures of.  Landscapes, elements of landscapes, trees, birds, nature.   I’m not so much into buildings as I am looking for inspiration in nature.

Here are a few of the things I found yesterday as I left my meeting:

Hopefully I’ll be back to posting quilting pictures soon, but for now, it’s “paperwork season”….. what is paperwork season?  Why, year-end of course, that dreaded time when winter is at it’s coldest and paperwork surrounds a person demanding attention.  But soon, so very soon, I’ll be back to full-time quilting and creating.   I promise!

Of course, I could post pictures of my birdhouse in progress, but as I’ve mentioned to a few people, I’m it’s having “structural” issues and I need to shore up the walls a bit.   And of course I need to felt a few wool eggs (surgical gloves in place to protect the hands) which is a new technique to me.  But a technique I look forward to learning.

And all these thoughts of birdhouses and nests, combined with the colder than usual January temps and above average snowfalls here, have spurred thoughts of a new quilt.  Drawings done, colors planned, one step at a time; until the dreaded paperwork is completely finished and then it’s full steam ahead to quilting and creating.  I promise!

6 thoughts on “Seen around town

  1. Love the pix Judy and like you I hate paperwork, colder than normal temps and all this @#$&!!!!! SNOW! Hope you have a great day.

    1. We still have some white here too, but it’s quickly going away! Of course we missed that last storm for anything white, we just got wet. High wind warning here for the next 24 hours, could be interesting!

  2. Ah, the dreaded paperwork that consumes you around this time of year. Drats!

    Luv the pics, especially the birds nest….must get permission to use in my newest hobby…digital art, altho I have yet to finish the online course. Ha! BTW, in winds yesterday we lost 8 shingles from roof. Up the ladder HE goes (hee hee).

    1. And you know how much I “love” that paperwork! ;>)

      Permission granted, let me see what you do with it.

      Glad you only lost 8 shingles!!!! But let’s not talk ladders, k? I’m just today back on the exercise bike, just a month or so ago back on the treadmill! lol

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