Thread Nest

I’m currently working on a piece for the Iredell Arts Council “Roots & Wings Gala”.   As per usual with the pieces I make, I start with an idea and it takes on a life of it’s own.  This piece has some 3D components to it, including the birdhouse and nest.

Today’s project was to construct the base of the nest which will fit into the bird house itself.  This started  in my mind as a woven piece, and evolved into a “thread nest”.  As a longarm quilter, the term “thread nest” has very negative connotations, but as an artist it’s full of possibilities.

Here’s the progress so far, currently drying to shape inside the lid to my cough drop jar:

Now that I know the size of the nest, I can start the structure of the birdhouse itself.  We can’t have a nest bigger than the inner dimensions of the birdhouse, now can we?

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