Still working on it.

It's been a slow go, but I think M is going to like her quilt.   The final design decisions were made.  I did go with both designs we had talked about.   A continuous curve to represent chains in the cornerstones and freehand curvy crosshatching in the pieced section of the blocks. I admit, I keep … Continue reading Still working on it.

Custom quilting day three

Yesterday I posted my day one and two progress on the quilt.  Today I didn't get into the studio until late afternoon but made some excellent progress once I did get there and will probably work late tonight. During our intake appointment, M chose to have the blocks and sashings quilted with white thread, and … Continue reading Custom quilting day three

Custom Quilting day by day

This week I'm working on a custom quilt, and with my customer's permission, I will be blogging this queen sized quilt, step by step. First thing I noticed about this quilt on intake is that it has an outer border that is pieced with small scrappy pieces.  Really effective visually on the quilt, but that … Continue reading Custom Quilting day by day

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