brrrr it’s cold outside

for here near Charlotte NC!!!!!!!

I’ve spent yesterday and today inside sorting, organizing and cleaning house.  My kitchen sparkles!!!!!

Why have I spent the last two days inside?  Well, if you haven’t yet heard, we got snow here!  A major storm for the South.
And I’m not going down the driveway until it melts or someone else clears it.  Here’s a pic of the bottom of the driveway:

Now I probably, could, maybe get down the driveway, without dropping off the edge at the bottom, but I’m not sure I’d make it back up it.  Even my front wheel drive didn’t want to go up it at the beginning of the storm when we only had about 3″ on the slope.  Somehow I doubt it would go back up now.

Of course our back yard is pretty, in a way hardly seen here:

Snowstorms and their aftermath always give us little surprises.  How about this skyline above the trees?  Isn’t it interesting?

OH WAIT!   That’s not the skyline!   That’s the snow melting off the studio roof:

And in case you wonder why I’m spending so much time watching this snow.  Well, it’s because of little surprises like the following picture that just inspire beyond belief.

Doesn’t this melting snow/ice look just like lace!

I think I’ll leave you with that picture tonight and go light the fireplace.  It is after all down into the mid 20’s already and my southern house is not built for this weather.  I can feel the drafts from the windows and doors from six feet away tonight.

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