A day off

Today is an unexpected day off….a SNOW day.  One that actually merits being a snow day!  A few days ago the ground looked like this, with spring bulbs starting to sprout up:

This morning I woke up to this:

8 a.m. measured on picnic table in the middle of the yard

I’m thinking the snow must have come straight down the way it piled up:

This is the planter box on the back deck that I moved the cedar barrels into this fall.  Aren’t the straight edges of snowfall interesting!

And finally the pool steps.  Not that you can tell there are steps there.  And notice NO SNOW underneath the deck?  We must not have had any blowing winds at all last night.

Of course this weather means that we broke down the booth at QNAE 2010 last night, but here’s a pic or two of the booth as we were setting up before the show:

This is always a good show for us, and I look forward to returning next year and not having a snowstorm that weekend!  But as the show didn’t last as long for us as we anticipated, the good news is that I’ll be restocking my etsy shop later this week for those that couldn’t make it to the show.  That is, as soon as I get everything dug out of the car where it’s packed and inventoried that is!  Today, I’m staying inside where it’s warm and watching it come down…. we’re in the mix stage now, partially snow, partially sleet, cold!!!!!!!

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