Lonestar Quilt, Family Tree Quilt, and New lights

I’ve had several things on the go lately, I’m preparing for QNAE 2010, where I’ll be selling my hand-dyed fabrics.  It’s January 30th and 31st in Statesville, NC at the Convention Center.  Stop by and say hello if you get a chance!

I’ve also been working on a commission Family Tree Quilt, and I finished quilting my customers Lonestar Quilt, and we replaced the lighting in my kitchen (which is affectionately referred to as the cave right now).

First, the commission Family Tree Quilt, ready for quilting:

I’ll post quilted pictures after the customer sees the final project.  I’ve done several of these for non-quilting customers and each one is fun to work on.  Each family tree is branched so differently, this one covers 4 generations!

And the Lonestar quilt (combination freehand and computerized quilting):

As for the cave kitchen, we went from this:

yes, on a sunny day it really did feel this dark in here!

To this:

Which allows me to have concentrated lighting on what I’m doing, but really doesn’t do much to brighten the cave kitchen.  I do like these lights and the globes on them, here’s the three that are over the island:

And this is the center tile on the island directly underneath:

I’m off now, but I’ll return soon…..it’s my full intention to be a little LOT more regular about this blogging stuff.  I did get a wee bit sidetracked this fall and early winter…………..

8 thoughts on “Lonestar Quilt, Family Tree Quilt, and New lights

    1. The Lonestar was a customer’s quilt top. I believe she used a traditional lonestar pattern and then designed her own points in the corner blocks to give it that unique look.

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