Not all that much…..but enough….. snow!

Well, we didn’t get as much as we could have.  The system moved through pretty fast and today we have sunshine and temps above freezing!

Here are a few pics from the big storm.

Yesterday as it was starting:

A little later in the day:

View from the window to the back yard:

Dark outside and the snow was still falling:

And this morning:

Brandi’s had enough, it’s hard and slippery on top and she’s coming back in:

And that’s enough for me too!  I commend all you folks who still live in “snow country”.  I’ve had my annual fix, it can melt and go away now, I’m ready for the sunshine and warm temps, dry roads and not so many layers.   Have I mentioned lately there’s a REASON we moved south?

Yes, I am NOT a snow person, except for the occasional, once in a blue moon (we have one this month), snowfall.  And once it’s down and I’ve gotten a few pics, I’m good, it can GO AWAY NOW!

LOL  Of course the kid across the road with his 4-wheeler is just having a blast!!!!  And since it’s 35 now and melting, he’s almost got the cul-de-sac completely snow free!!!!  YEAH!!!!!  Full of tracks, but getting rid of that snow…..go D….have fun!!!!!!  LOL

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