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This afternoon I took some time to decorate a little bit more for the holidays.  Greenery is one of my favorite ways to dress up the porches for the winter.  I usually leave mine up into February (yes, I do!).  One year I put  a tree up on the covered front porch and left that up into February…..the birds loved the dry place to shelter in!

The studio entrance is almost decorated, it needs lights, but since I don’t climb ladders much anymore, that will wait for Mike to do.  Maybe Sunday if the weather co-operates!

Until then, this is what you’ll see when you come to visit:

Every year I put up the small little Santa’s Village that I’ve had for ages.  When we first moved here, I painted the three buildings and have since been collecting little pieces to add to it, one at a time, when I see something that says “I belong in the village”.  This year it’s on top of my computer desk.

See the wooden doll on the wall in the left of the picture?  That is so old I don’t remember the exact year anymore.  It was a collaboration between mom and dad.  Dad cut them out of wood and mom did the painting and decorating of them.  I also have a blue and a pink one stored, but they don’t go up at Christmas.

And the eagle picture….well that’s from Mike’s mum.  When she was alive one of her hobbies was “Japanese Bunka”.  That entire piece is thread, painstakingly punched through the canvas, one tiny loop at a time.  It took her years to complete it and once it was done she painted the backside with rice glue to keep it from pulling apart.  Yes, one little pull and the entire thread could come out!  Dad made the frame and had the glass cut to fit it.  A solid wood, hand-made frame!   It will be is a family heirloom to be passed on eventually.

This year I picked up a few new ornaments for the studio window.  Yes, the studio window, some ornaments go on the tree and are only seen seasonally, but others get hung in the studio window to be admired  year round.  This year I found these little glass bulbs with great quilting designs on them (although I doubt that’s what the designer thought they’d be seen as).

The holidays, family, memories, laughter and music…..yep the things life is made of…… hope you enjoy your decorating as much as I do mine!

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