It’s been a while

It’s been a while since I last posted, time flies quickly when you’re under the weather (metaphorically speaking).  The next thing you know it’s a week into December and the holidays are fast approaching.  Panic sets in, you haven’t started your shopping or your cooking……….oh wait, that’s another post!
Today I got back into the studio after a bit off, but before that I had done several quilts that I just hadn’t posted any pics of.  So here are a couple pics from the last 10 days or so.

Another applique quilt (November was full of custom quilts and applique quilts):

This quilt had several baskets in it that needed filled and Shannon Hicks’ Curved Crosshatching design came in perfect!

I had a baby quilt with a farm tractor theme and this tractor pantograph was perfect for it:

Another quilt was a pantograph pattern, on a bright, cheerful fun quilt:

I’d like to say I got more done in 10 days, but then the dratted flu bug hit and that was the end of that!  (dratted bugs!).  Instead I’ll leave you tonight with a few pictures of the gorgeous sky we had tonight.  The red in the Eastern part of the sky was absolutely amazing!

I’m off to join Brandi in a little of this:

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  1. I had a total panic attack today about my lack of readiness for the holidays! I’m sorry you have had the flu and I hope you are finally feeling better. That sunset photo reminded me of the amazing sunrise I saw this morning when I woke.

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