Black Friday

Today, Black Friday, will not be spent shopping.  Although I’d like to say my holiday shopping is done, I’d be lying….. I’ve not even started yet.  But I just don’t understand, in the height of flue season, when our natural immunity is low, to subject ourselves to crowds and crowds of people, all hoping to get that elusive (and in limited quantity) deal of a savings.

Hmmm, anti-American?   Probably not, just realistic…….. so what will I spend my Black Friday doing?    Why quilting of course!!!!!  I’m still working on the next applique custom in the line-up.  It would have been done, but I totally admit to taking Thanksgiving off and spending it with the DH.

Although I didn’t spend the entire day away from fabric…… that is so hard for me to do….. I did get  a start on this piece:

Isn’t that pretty?   That’s from a pattern by Vickie Clontz called “Way Back Home”, and is the center section only.  You can find the pattern here on her website.  Vickie works in wool felts, which I don’t.  But I hand-dye fabrics for sale at local shows, and decided to make this sample in my hand-dyes, with her pattern.   It seemed a natural to do as we’ll both be vending at the “Quilting and Needlearts Extravaganza”  on January 29 and 30th in Statesville NC.  For a complete list of vendors, click here

Okay, off to the studio for a bit while DH is outside working on the landscape and before Little Bear has his post-op checkup at the vets.

However you spend your Black Friday, enjoy the day, and every moment of it……. I will, I’ll be in the studio!

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  1. I never shop on Black Friday. Actually, I avoid all stores between Thanksgiving and Christmas. If I can’t buy it on the web then no ones needs it! LOL!

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