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Just in case you’re interested, I’ve decided to learn to cook….and I’m chronicalling journaling  (I can spell that!) the process on a new blog just for cooking.  It’s called “Sodypop Cooks”  (or we hope I can) and you’ll find it here

I promise that if nothing else, it will be a humorous look at learning to cook in middle age.  Yes, some things I can cook, I do a really mean lasagna.  But most of the cooking basics I never learned, so there’s no better day than today.

Gee, I hope the husband is up to this journey, cause like it or not, he’ll be taking it with me!!!!!!!

2 thoughts on “A new blog

  1. Oh Judy! You are going to LOVE cooking. Just think of it as another creative outlet…once you get the basics down you can really fly! Can’t wait to see how it goes!

  2. Sweetheart if I could quilt like you I would never cook again. You are fanastic!!! Such beauty in your work. I’ll have to go check out your cooking blog now. I hope you are enjoying the cooking.

    Linda in Calif.

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