Monday, November 16th

Yes, I’ve run out of titles.  It happens sometimes.
Since my last post I’ve completed the Compass Quilt.  No full pictures yet, but here’s what the center section ended up looking like with the quilting completed:

Today I moved on to the next quilt in the line-up.  A pretty applique quilt.  I love working on this customer’s quilts, her applique is gorgeous!  Oh to be able to do needle-turn applique as well as she does……..
Same procedure as the Compass quilt, load, stabilize, and do one section at a time.  Here’s how much I got done today:

And a detail for sizing perspective with the dime:

Tomorrow I’ll quilt the yellow parts of the flowers, move on to the borders and finish this one up as well.

6 thoughts on “Monday, November 16th

  1. It is a good thing you have a lead foot, eh? You sure are going fast and furious, but as always with the most incredible eye for detail. Great work!

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