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Compass Quilt Day Four

Not much quilting got done yesterday, the light in the studio was not conducive to seeing where I was quilting at.   By using a matching navy thread on this quilt, I am creating texture, but it also means that I have to have the proper side lighting to see where I’m going.  As it was a rainy, gray day and my lights wouldn’t adjust properly it slowed me way down.  Late last night I ended up bringing the light from the painting area that goes above the easel into the studio to hopefully help today.

What I did get done was to decide the direction that the middle diamond row of feathers is going to run.  I’m putting these feathers in clockwise and they will frame the entire center section.  Here’s what I managed to get done yesterday:

On another  note, the cool, rainy, gray weather has made the house quite chilly.  And I’m thankful to have my fireplace running again.  This morning, apparently, so was Baci:

He spent a good half hour this morning in front of the fireplace, up on the hearth, turning from side to back to side to back to side getting himself totally warmed up. Now he’s happily snoozing on the couch with Brandi!

Off to do some quilting, no matter how I have to adjust this lighting today!

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