Compass quilt process, day three

Yes, day three on this quilt.  The first day was spent stabilizing the quilt with SID.  The second day was spent laying in the pebble borders to emphasize the diamond design of the entire quilt.

Today I’ll be starting on the feathering in the center of the quilt.  I’m not sure entirely where I am going with this yet, it will evolve as I go.  I have 3 goals with this feathering.  First is to emphasize the direction on the points of the compass, second is to take up the remainder of the fullness in the background, and third is to not overwhelm the piecing.  (Remember, this customer wanted the piecing to take center stage and the quilting to be the supporting player, so that is what I am doing.)

Here’s a peak at what I put in late last night to get a feel for how the feathering will lie in the corners:

And for size perspective here’s the feathering with a dime on it:


Yes, I have a full day ahead of me!

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