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Well, as soon as I got back on schedule, I had to go and get myself sick…(no, not the flue, not h1n1….just a mild case of pneumonia)  Yep, threw the schedule all out the door, but it did give me time to rest and hand turn some bindings, something I had been neglecting.

So, what have I done in the last week?   Almost NOTHING…….only one quilt went out of the studio, a few more blocks got made for my flannel quilt, some bindings got turned, I watched more mindless tv (or slept tv on the couch) than I have in years.  I did manage somehow to make a total chaotic mess of my studio (probably from dropping stuff to do “later” when I had the energy).


But, what I did get done I’m liking.  First the pieced blocks,


I have no pattern for this, just some math measurements that I’m playing with.  No set pattern, no set design, yet.  Mindless (almost) quilting time, a rare pleasure!  Of course, when I do math it always comes out interesting.  I have 58 blocks here, and I either need 56 for a 7×8 set  or I need 64 for an 8×8 set.  Of course what I’d really like for size is to have an 8×9 set, which means I have to do more math to figure out how many more blocks to make.   Hmmmm, maybe this will need some plain blocks for the eye to rest on?  ;>)  That may just be the plan!!!!

I did get one customer quilt done.


The customer wanted to keep the quilting in the lower end of my pricing range, but I didn’t have a pantograph that would suit the quilt.  I knew that to keep the pattern overall, it needed to be simple so as to not detract from her piecing.  What I ended up doing was to use a sashing pattern as an edge to edge.   Once I flipped the 2nd row of the pattern end to end, and then flipped the first row upside down, it became a pretty overall pattern that suited the quilt perfectly.  Just one of the many reasons I love having the computer guided system available to me!!!  It’s so much easier to play with a pattern and get it perfect for the quilt!  A few closeups:




Well, I’m off now to try to reclaim that cutting table in the first photo………try……..that’s all I can do is try………  aw the dream of a big studio with places for everything and clean counters…..  but of course, I’d only mess it up with piles of even more “stuff”.  ;>)

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