Quick update (schedule)

I’ve been gone for a bit, first prepping to go out of town, then out of town at Quilting With Machines for 5 days.  I’ll have lots to share with you soon, but today is judging day for my guild’s show and since I’m chair, I really should be there!  ;>)

One thing I did want to mention is that I do still have a few open slots for overall quilts for Christmas.  I mention only because one of my customers contacted me yesterday about just such a quilt.  So, if you need one of those “last minute” “gotta get it quilted” and you’re looking for an overall pattern, go to the website www.goneawayquilting.com and send me an e-mail (it’s the easiest way to contact me).

Off now to load the car with the judging forms, and clipboards, and pencils and notes and and and…………………….  BE BACK SOON!