Friday Wrap-up

Well, it’s Friday again, and I’m not entirely sure where the week went this time?  Perhaps it had something to do with getting the new computer, transferring files, loading programs and keeping all the normal stuff on schedule too?  But it’s here, Friday!!!!

This Friday I thought I’d do a quick show of some of the quilts that have left the studio to be returned to customers, and the new painted art quilt I’ve been working on for a class sample.  I’ve had requests from customers to show more of the overall pantograph patterns that I use on quilts.  Up to now the blog has concentrated on my custom work, but I aim to please, so here’s this week’s work.

First off customer quilts.  All the quilts this week were overall designs, and I do use my IQ to set in these designs (it’s so much easier on my neck and knees!)

This customer wanted looser quilting, so we chose an Allover Loose Feather pattern and kept it sized large:Cheryls-Quilt-Front

And the back:


The next customer wanted a pattern that had a non-denominational religious theme, so we chose a Cross and Grapes pattern:

Monicas-QuiltAnd the back:


Finally, for the last quilt done this week, the pattern was a chevron braid and the customer wanted quilting that was wedding appropriate, so we chose a hearts and flowers pantograph:

I don’t have a picture of the back of this one which is a shame as the pattern is so pretty; but the thread color blended so well into the backing that it was impossible to light and see the quilting.

As for the Painted Quilt class, well, I’ll be teaching that on December 12th at Quilters Loft in Mooresville and the class will walk you through how to use Shiva Paintsticks, AND give you a pattern for a small quilt to display using the samples you make in class.  Don’t worry if you’ve never used Shiva’s before, you can do this as we make use of stencils and rubbing plates.  This is the sample, as yet, un-thread painted and un-quilted:


And a detail of one of the small blocks:


Have a great weekend, it’s “race weekend” here and it’s cold this weekend, so I’m going to hibernate in the studio all weekend!

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  1. Thank you for showing these pictures. I love seeing any quilt and it gives me ideas of how things look for my projects.

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