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A few non-quilt finishes

Over the last week or so I’ve finished up 2 projects that are NQR (non quilt related).  Both are for me, one has a definite purpose, one is still undetermined.

Last winter I started knitting a pair of socks in a fuschia/purple/green yarn.  Then the weather warmed up and I lost interest, until the other day and we got cool.  I finished them yesterday and finally, after 4 pairs of socks, have my sizing right!!!  Apparently I knit with really loose tension and have had to drop to a size 1 needle….and could probably still drop to a size 0 and have an even better fit!

Until now, when I knit socks, I’ve been using DPNs (double pointed needles), but doing one sock at a time means I have to write down the # of rows (and which row I left off on) on little slips of paper.  So I have ordered a set of circular needles to go with my newest sock book that I purchased (Two at a Time Socks).  I’m looking forward to trying that and see if it’s more confusing, or less confusing for me.

Until the needles get here, I have a luscious ball of hand-dyed yellow rayon yarn to knit into a special project for a special person.  Hey, you KNEW if it was YELLOW it wasn’t for ME!   LOL

The other project, whose eventual usage has yet to be determined?  Well, it’s a woven ?????????  Hmmm, too short and stiff for a scarf?  But I finished it with fringe like a scarf.  Maybe a table topper scarf?   Or ???????    I don’t know what it will be, but I love it!!  Love the texture, love the color, love the feel of it so for now it is draped over my office chair where I can see it daily.

Oh, you want a pic?  Here you go:

And just because I can:

"Honest Mom, I don't need a bath"
Me neither mom!!! He smells worse than me, HONEST!!!!
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