A few non-quilt finishes

Over the last week or so I’ve finished up 2 projects that are NQR (non quilt related).  Both are for me, one has a definite purpose, one is still undetermined.

Last winter I started knitting a pair of socks in a fuschia/purple/green yarn.  Then the weather warmed up and I lost interest, until the other day and we got cool.  I finished them yesterday and finally, after 4 pairs of socks, have my sizing right!!!  Apparently I knit with really loose tension and have had to drop to a size 1 needle….and could probably still drop to a size 0 and have an even better fit!


Until now, when I knit socks, I’ve been using DPNs (double pointed needles), but doing one sock at a time means I have to write down the # of rows (and which row I left off on) on little slips of paper.  So I have ordered a set of circular needles to go with my newest sock book that I purchased (Two at a Time Socks).  I’m looking forward to trying that and see if it’s more confusing, or less confusing for me.

Until the needles get here, I have a luscious ball of hand-dyed yellow rayon yarn to knit into a special project for a special person.  Hey, you KNEW if it was YELLOW it wasn’t for ME!   LOL

The other project, whose eventual usage has yet to be determined?  Well, it’s a woven ?????????  Hmmm, too short and stiff for a scarf?  But I finished it with fringe like a scarf.  Maybe a table topper scarf?   Or ???????    I don’t know what it will be, but I love it!!  Love the texture, love the color, love the feel of it so for now it is draped over my office chair where I can see it daily.

Oh, you want a pic?  Here you go:


And just because I can:

"Honest Mom, I don't need a bath"
"Honest Mom, I don't need a bath"
Me neither mom!!!  He smells worse than me, HONEST!!!!
Me neither mom!!! He smells worse than me, HONEST!!!!

8 thoughts on “A few non-quilt finishes

  1. I know your dogs feeling; every time I find a nice 3-day old roadkill and smell like ode-de-possuuum #1, out comes the hose. However, the knitting fascinates me. Ever think of knitting high fashion canine apparel? There has to be a market.


    1. I tried knitting for the canine’s once….it wasn’t very successful….my guys don’t seem to fit regular pattern sizes!

  2. Is it the Socks Soar on Two Needles book? That’s the one I learned on and I use. It works great for me. I’ve just been making the basic pair and varying the ribbing a little bit. And I need more socks too — brrrr!

  3. Great socks! I haven’t been able to use the two circs method but everyone loves it. I need to try it again but until then, I’m a dpn sock person.

    1. Gina this is supposed to be both socks on one circ….I’d never be able to handle the 2 circs method!! LOL I can see me getting them all twisted up!

  4. I have been dying for the Two at a Time book, because I have a hard time managing dpns sometimes. I also want to do toe up, which means you can try them for fit as you go. Sorry, the one in my house most apt to need wool socks has ginormous feet (11 1/2), and one of the young sirs has the same disorder.

  5. I’m actually knitting my first pair of sock ever, using one circle needle. I am doing toe up Crazy Toes & Heels Socks by Mary Ann Beattie. I go to Knit One Stitch Too in Huntersville for help with going to the next step, but I love it. I just finished my heel turn on both sock. Half finished. Yay

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