Lonestar Completed

During the course of working on this I alternately loved it, got tired of working on it, loved it again and got tired again.

Now that it’s totally done I LOVE it and want one for myself…..but I still don’t want to piece 60 degree diamonds!

(pictures are clickable for a larger view)



I used SewFine thread and Quilters Dream Wool batting on this one.  And a muslin for the back.    Here’s why I love plain backs……



I really do want one of these for myself now!

20 thoughts on “Lonestar Completed

  1. I love Lonestar quilts, but the quilting you did added so much to this. From the reverse, it is like a wholecloth work of art. Awesome job.

  2. I have a question? Did you do this by machine? I mean sew it by machine? I like to do the diamond star quilts but after I get all my panels and sew 4 and 4 then join sometimes they won’t lay flat and I do mine by hand. Can you tell me what I’m doing wrong?

  3. Judy, Your quilt is so beautiful! I want to make a Lonestar but can’t find the pattern. Can you tell me where I might get this pattern? Your quilt has such beautiful colors and quilting !

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