Lonestar Completed

During the course of working on this I alternately loved it, got tired of working on it, loved it again and got tired again.

Now that it’s totally done I LOVE it and want one for myself…..but I still don’t want to piece 60 degree diamonds!

(pictures are clickable for a larger view)



I used SewFine thread and Quilters Dream Wool batting on this one.  And a muslin for the back.    Here’s why I love plain backs……



I really do want one of these for myself now!

20 thoughts on “Lonestar Completed

  1. All that work was definitely worth it! (says she who did not have to do it) I want one, too, so if you have the hankerin’ to make one for a friend…..LOL It’s lovely, Judy!

  2. I love Lonestar quilts, but the quilting you did added so much to this. From the reverse, it is like a wholecloth work of art. Awesome job.

  3. I have a question? Did you do this by machine? I mean sew it by machine? I like to do the diamond star quilts but after I get all my panels and sew 4 and 4 then join sometimes they won’t lay flat and I do mine by hand. Can you tell me what I’m doing wrong?

  4. Judy, Your quilt is so beautiful! I want to make a Lonestar but can’t find the pattern. Can you tell me where I might get this pattern? Your quilt has such beautiful colors and quilting !

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