Chaos and customer quilting

Chaos and customer quilting, but not necessarily in the same project!

There has been a discussion on one of my groups about “cleaning” your studio.  I fall into the camp of after the project is done I clean, but during the course of working my studio can become slightly chaotic.  The thing is, when I’m working in this mess I can put my hands on the exact fabric I need at that particular time.  But once the piece reaches the end of that stage I “HAVE” to clean before I can move onto the next stage.

Here’s where I was at yesterday, while working on a new piece:


And now that I’ve reached the finished base layer, and am ready for the next stage, the mess is cleaned up, the floor is clear, everything is put away and on my design wall is this:


So, what does chaos have to do with customer quilting?  Absolutely NOTHING!  Other than late last night, after the studio was cleaned up I loaded the cutest little quilt.  This is a “paper doll” quilt, and there are clothes that can be put on the little dolls and taken off and changed….much like those paper dolls we played with as children. (did I just date myself? LOL)

PaperDoll-QuiltThe customer requested quilting that was “not quite as primitive as the pattern shows”.  I hope she’ll like my choices:


The border didn’t photograph well as the fabric is very busy, but I used a swag design from Tammy Finkler called Pretty Posies and then did a meander on the outside of it.  The sashing and blocks were done freehand.

I smiled the entire time I was working on this little quilt, yes, I remember paper dolls!