While walking the beach on vacation, I came across this log in the sand.  Out came the camera as I knew one day I’d do something with the image.

Tonight I was looking for some “not on the to-do list” art play time, so I pulled out the watercolor pencils and the sketchbook.

Driftwood-003I’m sure I’ll be working with that original photo a bit more, in a few different formats.

HA!  I just realized, as a lefty, I was holding the sketchbook in my right hand and the painting is upside down in the book.  Oh well, maybe I’ll start doing that with the remainder of the pages in the book.  One right side up, one upside down…….

3 thoughts on “Driftwood

  1. Judy,
    I am very fond of pencil drawings, and this is lovely… My favorite media is pen and ink, but pencil comes next… then watercolor…

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