A little quilting, a little color

Yesterday my day was filled with quilting and color.  I was quilting on a red and white quilt with a solid white backing, and dyeing fabrics with lots of color.

And I managed to do both without getting either on the other!  (good thing!)

The quilt is now ready to go back to the customer.  These are pics of the back as I was taking it off the machine:



Which reminds me, I need to click on over to Backside Fabrics and purchase a backing for a quilt I have coming up next week.

As for the dyeing…..well, I always enjoy a dye day!  There is something almost magical about the changing of a white cloth into a colored, textured piece of cloth.


Today has mostly been spent in the office, doing paperwork.  Tonight I’ll be doing a little bit of unsewing on a customer quilt that I am just not totally happy with the results (yes I do that if I’m not happy with it…..my customers deserve the best I can do)….and I’ll also be spending some time pressing out these dyes.

Hmmm, maybe tonight should be a night I turn on the television?  Then again……………..

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