From Here to There and Around Again

I do a trunk show lecture to guilds called “From Here to There and Around Again”.  It’s a retrospective of my journey from traditional newbie quilter, to art quilter, and “around again”….which includes how I  balance and find the common ground in both.

Each time I give this lecture, I take different quilts from my collection, depending on what quilts I have available, which are traveling, which are new pieces being held for specific venues.

Tonight I’ll be presenting this lecture to the Gaston Quilters Guild, at their monthly meeting in Lowell, NC and I’m looking forward to speaking with this group of men and women tonight. I have stacked up the quilts to travel with me today.


Hmmm, looking at this pile, I see I forgot to pull Sweet Nectar and my large applique quilt…………back to stacking quilts.

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