Sunday Morning Walk

Come with me on a Sunday morning walk around the front yard.  Pull up a cup of coffee if you like, as I’ve taken lots of pictures to share this morning.

The roses on the front side of the studio are first year plantings and seem to love the east facing location:

July  26th morning walk 006

Yesterday the butterfly bush was bringing in beautiful yellow and blue butterflies.  I’ve got to look up which species they were.

July  26th morning walk 010

Beside the butterfly bush is an area I really need to tend to.  Somewhere in that mess are 5 hosta plants!

July  26th morning walk 011

Of course I don’t know what the plant is that’s taken over.  Here’s a closeup and if you know what it’s called, please tell me!

July  26th morning walk 012

By now the sun is almost above the tree line.  It won’t be long before the temps start climbing today.

July  26th morning walk 013

When I came home last week, I found the crepe myrtle in full bloom.


And I see today the spiders have been busy building webs in the rock pile.  One day this rock pile will be moved to line all the gardens, but it’s one stone at a time here moving them.

July  26th morning walk 023

We used the first few loads of rock to build rock walls.  They make a nice background for some late blooming coneflowers.  The big bed of coneflowers has gone to seed now, almost time to harvest the seeds.

July  26th morning walk 027

I was suprised by the veining in the clematis this morning.  I don’t recall seeing this much definition in years past.  I wonder if it’s because the plant is aging, or if it has something to do with our lack of rain?  Once again the rain goes 5 miles north of us and 5 miles south of us, but we’re in the middle of a band of dryness.

July  26th morning walk 029

As always, my faithful girl is waiting for me when I come back from a walk.  Today the little noisemaker was outside with her!  But he’s not making much  noise, apparently he barked himself hoarse while I was on vacation and his voice hasn’t returned properly yet.

July  26th morning walk 028

Hope you enjoyed the walk this morning!

3 thoughts on “Sunday Morning Walk

  1. Loved the tour this morning. Don’t know what that weed is, but I have it too and it is terribly invasive. A creeper of some kind.

    I have 3 crape myrtles and they don’t bloom until almost September! Everyone elses in the neighborhood is in full bloom now… it frustrates me as they are supposed to be easy to grow.

    How do you harvest and store the coneflower seeds? I had a lot of coneflowers a few years ago, but they have diminished. I’d love more…

  2. That looks like a great stack of quilts. The few times I’ve done trunk shows I always feel like I’m not going to have enough to say… but always run out of time!

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