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Quilting on Silk

On the schedule this month was a silk quilt a customer brought me.  Her request was that I quilt only the borders and sashings on this quilt, as she wants to embellish/stitch the blocks herself.  We chose to use Quilters Dream Wool batting for dimension, and she chose a King Tut variegated green for the border and a King Tut variegated salmon for the sashings.  Her choice for bobbin thread was a Sew Fine called Pumpkin.

After much hesitation and trepidation over quilting on silk, and with a little encouragement from friends, I loaded the quilt and began.   During our customer appointment, we had chosen the designs to use, so really all I had to do was quilt.   But, as any longarmer knows, quilting on silk brings it’s own set of hesitations with it.

I now know there is no reason to hesitate, silk, or at least Dupioni silk, quilts up beautifully and I am inspired to use some of my silks soon.
The border and corner:


Back of quilt:

Unfortunately there is no way to take a full picture of the entire quilt.  This quilt was the absolute maximum I can load onto my machine 105″ wide!

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