Reading List

One of my favorite evening activities is to read.  And the house reflects that, there’s not a room in the house that doesn’t have books in it….not a single room.

But I’m not one of those read one book at a time people, no, I am a more eclectic reader.  I’ll read a few chapters of this book, skim some pages in another, later on pick up a different book and read a bit in it.  Somehow keeping each book clear in my mind and enjoying them all.

Unless of course I’ve picked up a really good novel and have a day off….then I can immerse myself totally in the book forgetting to eat or answer the phone, never thinking about e-mail or anything except the next sentence in the book.

Right now I don’t have a good novel (nor do I want to take the time off to savor it), so I’m reading several different books on several different subjects.  And while reading tonight I was struck by a quote from Shakespeare that was in one of the books.

The quote:  “There is nothing either good or bad, but thinking makes it so”.  My reading for the evening came to a dead halt as I ponder that statement…..

Ah the joys of reading that leads to pondering………………

What are you currently reading?
My current reading list is in the sidebar………to be updated as I read……….

New Work and Featured Artist Event

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Thread-play-003This and several other new pieces will be unveiled Friday, July 10th during the Mooresville Art Walk, Mooresville, NC at Quilters Loft, 188 N. Main Street, Mooresville, NC where I will be this months featured artist.  Hours for the walk are 6-9 p.m., stop by and say HI if you’re in the area.