Who makes this thread?

I finally found a variegated thread I am happy with on the longarm. It’s shiny enough to satisfy me, it’s thick enough to show up, it runs nicely, doesn’t snap every few inches…..and I have no clue WHO makes this thread or where to get more (one of my pet peeves is thread manufacturers who do NOT mark spools to be recognizable once the wrapper is off!)

If you know who makes this thread, please let me know.

This is what the spool looks like on the machine:


Here’s a closeup of the actual thread itself:


And these are the only markings on the spool, stamped on the bottom, but I have no idea what they mean:

Thread-002I’m sure I picked this thread up at a show, possibly MQS in 2005?  Or maybe Paducah in 2006?  If you know who makes this thread, I’m almost BEGGING you to let me know!