Customer Quilting

Yesterday I worked on a baby quilt, today a TATW (trip around the world) quilt.

The baby quilt was really fun!  I used a bubble panto in the background and echoed around the central images:


and the freehand echoing:


After that was done yesterday I loaded and started today’s quilt, a TATW done with 1-1/2″ squares.  I’m really liking how this is comng out, it’s the first time I’ve crosshatched an entire quilt since back in my hand quilting days (early 90s!!!)


And I’m past the halfway point already!  YEAH!


Okay, back to work now, as I really want to get this done and start on some hand-dyes this evening!

I guess you could say my vacation did me well and I came back with renewed energy and ideas!  Or is it the classic rock on the stereo that’s got me moving today?   Hmm, could be a combination of both of those and the sunshine!

Once again, or I remember when………

Once again this morning (or early afternoon) I am reminding myself to be grateful to be here, thankful to be able to do all that I do and not sad over what used to be.

What brought on this introspection you ask…….something so very simple, and yet profound to me.

Many years ago, when I was in school, I was tested and put in accelerated math classes.  And as an adult, my first career was as a bookkeeper.  I was good at math.

But a few years ago things changed, I got sick (I’m BETTER NOW), and yet I struggle with math.  If you’ve gone through any life-changing issues, you know what I’m talking about.   There are days you look back at what was and ponder what is now.  If you’re lucky (or having a good day) you realize change is inevitable in one form or another as life progresses and you move on.

So what truly made me realize again today how much life has changed?  I heard of the John Flynn method for piecing a diagonal backing.  And I looked it up on the internet.  And I read the math formula to do that……….which may as well have been in Greek.  Apparently I have lost my ability to understand algebraic equations…………

Thankfully we have calculators and simpler construction methods……….but I sure wish I could still comprehend math like I used to!  I remember the days when I would have looked at that equation, comprehended it and started doing the math in my head!!!!

Which left me thankful today for all that I still have……….all that I still can do…… for the return of good health………and for great computer programs that do the math for me!

Now I’m off to go do some non-math related quilting, to be followed by some painting………………and when DH gets home I may have him help me work through that formula so I can understand it.

From Here to There and Around Again

I do a trunk show lecture to guilds called “From Here to There and Around Again”.  It’s a retrospective of my journey from traditional newbie quilter, to art quilter, and “around again”….which includes how I  balance and find the common ground in both.

Each time I give this lecture, I take different quilts from my collection, depending on what quilts I have available, which are traveling, which are new pieces being held for specific venues.

Tonight I’ll be presenting this lecture to the Gaston Quilters Guild, at their monthly meeting in Lowell, NC and I’m looking forward to speaking with this group of men and women tonight. I have stacked up the quilts to travel with me today.


Hmmm, looking at this pile, I see I forgot to pull Sweet Nectar and my large applique quilt…………back to stacking quilts.