Customer Quilting

Yesterday I worked on a baby quilt, today a TATW (trip around the world) quilt. The baby quilt was really fun!  I used a bubble panto in the background and echoed around the central images: and the freehand echoing: After that was done yesterday I loaded and started today's quilt, a TATW done with 1-1/2" … Continue reading Customer Quilting

Once again, or I remember when………

Once again this morning (or early afternoon) I am reminding myself to be grateful to be here, thankful to be able to do all that I do and not sad over what used to be. What brought on this introspection you ask.......something so very simple, and yet profound to me. Many years ago, when I … Continue reading Once again, or I remember when………

From Here to There and Around Again

I do a trunk show lecture to guilds called "From Here to There and Around Again".  It's a retrospective of my journey from traditional newbie quilter, to art quilter, and "around again"....which includes how I  balance and find the common ground in both. Each time I give this lecture, I take different quilts from my … Continue reading From Here to There and Around Again

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