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Back to customer quilting this week.  Every customer gives me their name for their quilt, whether that is “Mary’s Baby Quilt”, “Pink Quilt”, or something like this one “Cosmos”.

When the customer and I met we agreed the blocks needed to shine out from the dark background and remain the focus.  My quilting was not to compete with the piecing design.  So we chose to SID the blocks and use a singular design element both in the border and the blocks.  We then chose to use a heavier weight variegated in the border, and to use Isacord to match the blocks.  To keep the background as texture only, we used an almost matching thread (dark charcoal gray on Kona black fabric).

Overall view of the quilt:

LindaLCosmosFullMy customer chose a design by One Song Needle Arts for her motif:

LindaLCosmosblock2Which we split apart for the 3/4 blocks:

LindaLCosmosblock1I am saying we, as this customer came to the studio and we designed all the quilting while she was here.  Which included her watching me split the blocks and line pattern the border on the computer.

And that brings me to the border with the heavier thread:



I really liked the way this border created an inner scallop line, so I chose to freehand background fill out to that line to emphasize that effect.

Photographing black quilts is hard with my setup, but I hope you can see the effect.  The quilt is stunning in person.  If only you could see what my eyes see, but you’d have to be here for that!

Next up a few quick overalls and then it’s back to back custom quilts to finish out the week!  Stay tuned for more pictures!

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  1. OMG, Judy…another masterpiece. You’re just simply amazing. As just an amateur quilter (just my own, by hand, and basically pillows and smaller items due to the machine’s limits) I’m totally in awe, just wishing I could see how you do it.

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