Learning to Weave

Last year I was gifted with a Beka tabletop weaving loom.  A beautiful piece of equipment that I had not a clue how to use.  But just the wood itself made it a wonder to me (yes, I love wood).

While talking with another friend, who is a weaver, I mentioned I had a loom I didn’t know how to use.  One day this friend offered to teach me to use the loom, and eventually I was at a point where I felt I could accept that offer and give it the time and consideration a new skill needs.

Yesterday I received my first lesson on weaving!  WOW, what a world!  I am amazed, intrigued, my mind races with possibilities.  Here’s what I managed to accomplish yesterday:

Weaving-010And a bit closer look at the weave itself:

Weaving-011I found as I practiced my weaving became consistently straighter and more uniform, until I started to get tired, at which point the last few rows became wobbly again.

I also realized there is a soothing, meditative aspect to the process that absolutely harmonizes with my soul.

Thank you Rain and Susan D-L, without the two of you and the gifts you have given me, I would never have known this wonder called weaving!

4 thoughts on “Learning to Weave

  1. I love looms!! Lucky you!! The princess wants a spinning wheel in the worst way and I want the loom 😉 You weaving looks great!

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