NYB quilt

My customer came yesterday to pick up her quilt and loves it.  Now I’ll share the pictures I took of it.

Full quilt:




Detail of block (taken while on machine):


Inner border design:

Margarets-NYB-014Outer border design:


Margarets-NYB-015This quilt is gorgeous in person, but extremely hard to photograph.  And my lighting that day wasn’t the best, even with the sidelights.

Best of all, customer is extremely happy!  And in the end, that’s all the really matters.

Well, there’s my Carolina Wren singing outside the door this morning, telling me it’s time to get off the computer and get something done today.  Every morning around this time she sits outside the door and sings….and who wouldn’t love being sung to in the mornings!

To all the Father’s out there, have a wonderful Father’s Day wherever you may be today!

7 thoughts on “NYB quilt

  1. Your quilting is beautiful!! Love the yin/yang circle! Your customer did an amazing job peicing that quilt!!!

    1. Eileen, Thanks! The points do have SID, each and every one of them. No design in the middle and the SID edging them allowed them to stand out.

  2. Now this is an eye-popper! What color and quilting! WOW!
    You have been entirely altogether far too industrious. Samples, bowls…I feel so lazy melting away in the heat.
    On the other hand, after the last couple of weeks, maybe a slow down was in order. Now if I can just get moving again!!!!

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