Heat, dew, and bowls

Isn’t that a strange title, but that’s what’s on my mind this morning.

Listening to the weatherman on the late news last night, I heard him say the predicted heat index for today will be 107!  Now I don’t think it’s going to get “that” warm (hear that noise, that’s the sound of my being an ostrich and burying my head in the sand!).   But, there are signs of it being pretty warm (alright downright hot and humid) today.

First sign, at 8:30 this morning it was already 80 degrees!

Second sign, heavy dew on the plants:



Of course the heat and humidity we have is causing all sorts of sprouting to take place:

Morning-Dew-June-20-2009-00 (that’s bird seed in the holes on the feeder platform)

All this brings me to the conclsion that maybe it will be hot today!  Hence, after a few chores this morning, I shall spend my day in the studio.

And speaking of the studio, there are a few new pieces under works, which I’ll show at a later date.

Yesterday I delivered the little wholecloth sample to Quilter’s Loft for the class I’ll be teaching this fall.


And I’ve gotten a few fabric bowls done in the last few days:

Fabric-Bowls-006This one was all done with my hand-dyed fabrics and yarns.

The next two snippets are of completely commercial fabrics and yarns:


Fabric-Bowls-004All three of these bowls were done using Isacord embroidery thread.  And while I love it’s sheen and the way it handles in the Bernina, I would really like to find a thread with the same weight and sheen, and yet variegated!  Any suggestions?
Well, I’m off now to find more coffee and rethink the days plans….it really might be just a wee bit too hot out there to venture outside much!

5 thoughts on “Heat, dew, and bowls

  1. Yep, it’s hot today! My sunprinting is only taking about 30 minutes! The bowls look great. Have you tried Rainbows or Lava?

  2. It didn’t get above 80 degrees here in NY. I think I’m getting webbing between my toes from all the rain!!
    What can the bowls be used for? They’re beautiful!!

    1. Eileen, they hold all sorts of stuff. I’ve got my dog grooming brushes in one in the living room, easy to grab when I need them and it looks nicer than just the brushes laying around!

      You can use them for a bread basket, to hold a current small needlework project, really anything except liquids and wet stuff!

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