Sometimes you have to be inventive

Also known as the trials of being short!  I am short, I admit it, not terribly short, but short enough that some everyday chores escape my attention.   Like dusting the screen on the tv in the studio that’s almost up to the ceiling.


Of course for space in a small studio, that is a perfect location.  But for actually being able to see the screen, well, it’s a bit high to dust.  My usual course of events…..go to the kitchen, pull out the step stool, climb up on it and then dust up there.

But ever since falling off a ladder last October, I’ve been a bit leary of climbing around when I’m home alone.  So today I got inventive!  I love my ostrich feather duster, or I did, but I’d rather use Pledge that grabs the dust than just swooshing it all over the place.  So I made this:


And just how would you make one of these re-usable cabinet dusters you ask???

Well, all it takes is:


That’s right, you too can have a reusable duster that can be used with furniture polish…….all you need is an old feather duster, a dustcloth and a rubber band!!!!!   LOL

Oh, did you come here looking for QUILTING pictures, or ART pictures?  They’re coming, soon, I’m almost to the end of the NYB quilt and it’s looking really good…….see:

margarets-NYB-002Yes, that really is the bottom edge.  Pictures soon, I promise….if I can just keep my mind from going off on these cleaning side-trips!!!!

6 thoughts on “Sometimes you have to be inventive

  1. LOL OK! Come be my guinea pig for my new roaster… there’s a limit of how much I can drink by myself 😉

  2. It’s a sign of studio productivity! LOL That’s my story, fabric creates lint when worked with, lint turns into dust, lots of dust means lots of working time! LOL ;>)

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