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Southern Spirit Gallery, Salisbury, NC

Salisbury, NC is a wonderful little town.  It’s downtown district is undergoing revitalization and there are many galleries and gift shops to visit.  The architecture is not to be missed, and there are small eateries that carry great food!

One of the galleries on Main Street  is Southern Spirit Gallery, owned by Tobi Hagmaier.  This gallery has incredibly high ceilings, and is filled with pieces made by southern artisans.  The lighting is perfect and the mixture of medias she carries make for an enjoyable visit.

Am I biased, possibly so.  This afternoon, Toby and I confirmed an agreement for representation of my textile works in her gallery.  If you get a chance to stop in, please do, it will be worth your time to visit.  Whether you’re interested in wall art, three dimensional pieces, vases, bowls, pottery, woven shawls, unique baskets, or jewelry, you’ll find them all in Southern Spirit Gallery.

And just in case you aren’t in the Salisbury, NC area, check them out on the web at:  SOUTHERN SPIRIT GALLERY

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