Yesterday I showed you pics from the opening reception of The Art of Cloth.
This morning I thought I would share the “ArtCloth” from the show.


Inspired by an article in Quilting Arts, the members of FAB in 2008 decided to make this piece.

We had group sessions to dye the fabric and work on surface design, then each artist took a share of the fabrics home to create individual pieces withing the group guidelines of size and theme.

Over several more sessions the members started assembling the piece.  Most of this work being done by Grace, Christine, DeLane and Jean as by then my day job was requiring my attention.

Once the piece was assembled, Christine and I worked on the hanging apparatus for it one weekend.

The piece was then brought to the gallery where we all participated in the hanging of it…..yes, all of us!

To truly capture the size and depth of this piece, it must be seen in person!  As you can see, it completely covers a set of double doors!

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