The Art of Cloth opening reception

Last night was the opening reception for “The Art of Cloth”, a gallery show of the fiber art from FAB, a local group of artists which I have been a member of for the last 2-1/2 years.

When we walked in last night, I promptly gave the camera to my husband and asked him to take pics for the evening.

This morning I thought I’d share with those of you who are too far away to come see the show a small sampling of it. The show was laid out with the first gallery being group projects and challenges.  In the second gallery each artist had a section to display their artwork in.

Christine Scholz:


Christine  created this wonderful piece….I love the reflections she’s captured in it!

Keep your eyes open for this artist, she’s got a lot of raw, natural talent!

Jean Funderburk:


Jean  made this photo transfer piece in tribute to her grandmother.

I have long been in awe of Jean’s creativity and level of work.

K. Grace Howes:


Grace’s work in abstract contains a great deal of depth.

She also makes wonderful handmade art journals, which unfortunately,

DH did not capture a picture of, but which I am blessed to have one of!

DeLane Rosenau:


Delane’s work in wearable art is truly unique and not to be missed!

Notice the beaded button, that is another of DeLane’s talents…she is a spectacular beader.

Judy Whitehead:


My work portrays nature, as that is my major source of inspiration.

Enjoying the evening:


Christine (left) and Grace (right) enjoying the evening.

If you are in the area, the show runs until July 3, 2009 at the Lincoln Cultural Center,  403 East Main Street, Lincolnton, NC and is open Monday through Friday.

5 thoughts on “The Art of Cloth opening reception

  1. How awesome, very, very cool.. I am going to make a trip to see this exhibit.. I am so happy for all of you.

  2. Neat! My DH’s Grandmother lived in Lincolnton until her death 2 years ago. Would have been a great excuse to visit! Looks like a lot of talented artists!

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