New thread rack!

This week has been a busy week here.  DH has been home and we’ve been doing some studio re-organization and building stuff.  (well, he’s been building while I’ve been quilting).

First came the new shelf unit, floor to ceiling and I finally have a cleared off (or mostly so) cutting table.

Then came the new thread rack:


Of course this is only one of several thread racks in the studio….but I think this is my current favorite!

I’m hoping for one more in the near future, as I have another 94 cones of thread still in drawers…..and I’m sure there’s more thread to be purchased in the future!!!!!!!!!

As a matter of fact, there’s a brand I haven’t used much, but really want to experiment with……………….

Yes,  I may just have a wee bit of a thread addiction problem!

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