I’ve got tomatoes and peppers!

Last year was a poor year for the garden for me.  The soil in the area we plant was depleted and needed to rest, the weather was a drought and my plants didn’t do well.

This year I decided, in deference to both the soil conditions and my back, (and inspired by Jan’s container gardening) to move the garden to the top of a picnic table and see what happened.  This meant downsizing consiberably, but with only two of us in the household, that’s not such a bad thing.


Of course our 4.4″ of rain Thursday and Friday means the yard needs mowed, when and if, it dries up!  But it also put a boost onto the plants in the containers.

This morning on my morning walk, I found this:

Garden-early-June-002See that little bit of red peeking out there!!!  This is the earliest I have ever gotten a tomato!!!  Back up north, the plants would have barely been planted by now, and usually here they aren’t yet producing.  Of course this winter spring I was one of those silly people who put them out early and ran inside and out covering them every night for several weeks!

The Roma’s are doing well too, looks like I might be able to make a batch of sauce this year?  (insert estatic giggle here! I am after all half Italian heritage!)


And PEPPERS!!!  Little tiny PEPPERS!!!!!



Yes, there was a bright side to all that rain last week!!!!  (except the needing to mow the lawn part!)