A little wholecloth

Just a little wholecloth, approx 22″ square.  Partially done on the domestic (rose and feathers and a few crosshatching lines), partially done on the longarm (majority of crosshatching and microfill outer border).


Cutaway technique, with two layers of Quilters Dream Wool Batting.   I like the dimension this batting gives.  Right now it’s soaking wet in the pic, blocking.

Tomorrow after this has dried and the sun is up, I’ll try for better pictures.

6 thoughts on “A little wholecloth

  1. Thanks Patsy!

    Yes, Freda on my DSM!!!! LOL

    I’m teaching wholecloth trapunto classes this coming fall and winter at the local quilt shop, and as they’ll be working on either their domestics or by hand quilting, I felt I needed to make my samples (or as much as my neck would take) on my domestic to truly understand what they’re going to be doing.

  2. Gorgeous as always, Judy. I am always amazed at eht texture you manage to create in a quilt. It is truly your trademark.

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