Goodbye my friend

cha-chaYou came to live with us in April 2004, when mum passed.  You were a little stinker with attitude and you were ill.

You recovered, you learned to play, you learned to listen, you became my constant companion.
You slept under or on my feet every time I sat down.cha-cha-under-machine

You stayed under foot at the sewing machine.

If you weren’t under foot, you were on either your blanket by my side of the bed, or on your blanket by the toybox.


Your eyes were going, your stones were back, and still you persevered.

Tonight your heart gave out.  From the looks of you when I found you, you were running to greet me after I got home from giving a lecture.  You were in mid-run position.

I’ll miss you my little old man, my munchkin.

RIP in Cha-cha.

15 thoughts on “Goodbye my friend

  1. So sorry for your loss Judy. No matter how old they are, they take part of our hearts with them,


  2. I have yet to figure out how something so comparatively small can leave such a huge crater behind them when they are no longer there. It is an absolute Mystery of existence.
    Many hugs, Judy.

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